BBEnterprises Ltd A Gloucester Based Demolition Company

BB Enterprises Ltd is one of the UK’s most experienced family demolition and decommissioning companies, with a reputation for, Quality, Innovation, Health and Safety since 1964.

We have a passion for recycling and will always consider the environmental option.
Since 1964 generations of our family have built up a reputation as a reliable demolition company. With a wealth of experience and adding new ideas and practices brought in by the younger generation. BB Enterprises Ltd pride our self in customer satisfaction, staff, customer and public safety and innovative ways of getting projects completed ahead of schedule.

We are a demolition company for all, we are able to service large industrial projects, but we are happy to work on the smaller projects that others may not.

Our “Demolition Planner”, your main point of contact knows all aspects of demolition, planning and legal requirements. You may be aware there are lots of hoops to jump through for demolition and construction projects, BB Enterprises will jump through each of these hoops with you, ensuring the best, quickest solution for you.

Any company or individual planning a demolition project anywhere in the UK should either call or email us. Our “Demolition Planner” will then advise you the best course of action, then action our plan.